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Based in Washington, DC, GDS specializes in all matters of diplomacy, from global research to professional development to diplomatic consulting. Primarily composed of Georgetown University students, GDS serves as the nexus between the academic and international communities. GDS's diverse staff have accomplished regional insights, critical language skills, and first-hand experience in the field of diplomacy. 

GDS provides professional development opportunities in the field of diplomacy for Georgetown University students by focusing on developing a tangible diplomatic toolset and building personal connections in the fields of diplomacy and international affairs in order to accelerate academic and professional success. GDS hosts academic conferences and diplomatic summits that aim to not only heighten discourse and exposure to the world's most pressing issues, but also to develop sustainable solutions with global implications. Lastly, GDS works with embassy partners, providing comprehensive research reports and free consulting services.

You can support GDS, professional development programs, and research reports by making a tax-exempt donation today. GDS is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.




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Areas of Expertise

Global Research

GDS provides innovative, comprehensive, and timely global research reports. Constructing analytical reports on salient geopolitical topics which include situational assessments and policy recommendations. 

Strategic Communications

GDS provides clients with strategies for optimizing public communications. GDS consults on creating an overarching communications strategy, as well as operational techniques for finding the most efficient channels of communication to convey clear messages to the international and domestic communities in order to enhance our client's mission. 

Diplomatic mission consulting

GDS provides proven solutions for enhancing our client's reputation with other government entities and target communities in order to further their diplomatic mission to the United States. GDS specializes in advising the social and culture aspects of diplomatic missions. Additionally, GDS provide consulting services in the fields of trade, economic development, US political engagement, climate and energy security, and education. 

Social media and Marketing

Social media plays an increasingly important role in diplomatic missions, providing the first line of communication between embassies and local communities. GDS will assist embassies in creating and expanding their social media presence, while helping to build sustainable social media models for the future. GDS also provides strategies for targeted marketing, with expertise in marketing embassy events, initiatives, and goals.

Summits and conferences

GDS executives have proven experience in organizing and executing forums addressing the most intersectional geopolitical topics in the world today. GDS serves to cultivate a new wave of engagement for practitioners and scholars to interact to provide tangible solutions and strategies for addressing the world's complex issues.


In a world of complex threats, security and leadership depends on all elements of power – including strong and principled diplomacy.
— President Barack Obama


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