Passion. Experience. Diligence.


Executive Board

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Chairman & Founder

Rayne Sullivan

Rayne is a graduate student at Oxford studying Chinese artificial intelligence and technology. At Georgetown, Rayne focused on International Relations, Asian Studies and Mandarin Chinese. After graduation, Rayne hopes to pursue a career in international trade law and diplomacy. Within the academic realm, he is interested in the rule of law in China, global energy security, U.S. national security and the political economy of foreign direct investment.


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President & founder 

Frank S. Faverzani

Frank is a fourth year SFS undergraduate studying International History, Middle East Studies, and Arabic. Frank's academic focus is in modern Middle East history. His research interests include early Jordanian history, specially Anglo-Jordanian relations. His other academic interests include energy security, Islamic history, and global trade history. Outside of GDS, he is a member of the Georgetown Men's Squash Team. 


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Executive team member/ Women in Diplomacy Project Head

Rachel Shapiro

Rachel is a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Georgetown College studying mathematics, economics, and Arabic. Her research interests include development economics in the Middle East, economic diplomacy, and international law.



Chief Operating Officer

Seth Brown

Seth is a second-year undergraduate student in the Georgetown College studying psychology, sociology, and government. Seth’s primary academic interest lies in the intersection between psychology and governance. Through his academic research he has sought to understand the role of psychological processes in the emergence of civil disputes. He hopes to undertake a career in public diplomacy.